Welcome to my blog, where I will be cataloging my current craft projects.

Often I have a few on the go, right now my craft projects include, cross-stitch and some crocheting, however I also make jewellery items and cards.

When my cousins baby was born I made some things for the baby’s big sister. I crochet her a amigurumi bunny and a winter hat.

The bunny was fairly easy to make, though I still hate sewing the bits together. It is available for free.

The hat looks complicated to make and it would be for beginners it took a while for the pattern to “click” but once i understood it it was easy to make as it is the same 3 lines repeated over and over again.  The pattern is made by Kirsty Ashmore and is available as a free pdf download from Ravelry, which is free to register for.  I did not use the suggested hook size to get the correct gauge however I can not remember what hook size I used.

Bunny and a Hat